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Directory of courses offered by ITIM

ITIM offers FTSR courses at Université Laval with content inspired by evangelical theology and respectful of the various visions of the evangelical Christian world.

THL-1000 : Introduction to theological studies

THL-1001 : Synoptic Gospels

THL-1002 : Christian Ethics

THL-1003 : Christian Spirituality

THL-1004 : The universe of the Bible

THL-1005 : The Pentateuch (FTSR: The First Books of the Bible)

THL-1006 : Introduction to Bible Interpretation (FTSR: Revelation and Theology)

THL-1007 : God Trinity

THL-1024 : Narrative Readings of Biblical Narratives (FTSR: Narrative Readings of the Bible)

THL-1040 : Introduction to University Studies in Theology

THL-1227 : Introduction to the New Testament

THL-1228 : Introduction to the Old Testament

THL-2000 : Pauline Epistles and Rhetorical Readings (FTSR: Pauline Literature)

THL-2001 : Jesus Christ

THL-2002 : Ancient Christian Literature

THL-2003 : The Prophets (FTSR: Prophetic and Apocalyptic Literature)

THL-2006 : The church

THL-2008 : Social and Political Ethics

THL-2010 : Evangelical Interpretation of Writings (FTSR: Interpretation of Magisterial Texts)

THL-2100 : Bible and mission in Quebec cultural context (FTSR: Bible and pastoral)

THL-2101 : Biblical Greek I (FTSR: Introduction to Biblical Languages)

LOA-3000 : Biblical Greek II (FTSR: Greek New Testament and Patristic)

THL-2202 : The Psalms

THL-2203 : Gospel of John and Johannine literature

THL-2205 : Biblical Wisdom (FTSR: Sapiential Literature)

THL-2404 : Exploration Project in Bible Studies

THL-2405 : Integration Project in Bible Studies

THL-3000 : End of Bachelor Seminar

CAT-2300 : End of Bachelor Seminar

HST-1900 : History of the Church 1 (FTSR: Christianity of Antiquity and the High Middle Ages)

HST-2408 : History of the Christian Faith in Quebec (FTSR: History of Catholicism in Quebec)

HST-2900 : History of the Church 2 (FTSR: Christianity of the Second Millennium)

LOA-2010 : Biblical Hebrew I

LOA-3010 : Biblical Hebrew II

PST-1000 : Introduction to Pastoral Intervention

PST-1020 : Communication of the Word (FTSR: Issues of Church Communication)

PST-1030 : Pastoral initiation course (FTSR: Initiation course in parish pastoral care)

PST-2102 : Help Relationship and Meaning Quest

PST-2107 : Establishment, Health and Development of Churches

                   (FTSR: Integration in Missionary Pastoral Care)

THL-6000: Theology in the 20th century: history and method

THL-6003: Theology and contemporary society

THL-6025: Intervention internship

THL-6080: Research Seminar

THL-6095: Systematic Theology (FTSR: Seminar in Systematic Theology)

THL-6073: Theology and Pastoral (FTSR: Family and Pastoral)

THL-6080: Research seminar

THL-6040: African Christian Theologies (FTSR: Special Topics)

THL-6050: Contextual Theologies and Social Action (FTSR: Special Topics)

THL-6075: Sickness, death and the figure of hope

THL-6077: Laboratories

THL-6082: Theology of Church Ministries (FTSR: Theologies, Spirituality, Ministries)

THL-6088: Help Relationship and Spiritual Guidance

THL-6089: Intervention Models in Health Care Settings

THL-6092: Clinical Placement (May be chosen in place of THL-6025: Intervention Placement)

THL-6811: Research Activity - Thesis 1

THL-6812: Research Activity - Brief 2

THL-6813: Research Activity - Thesis 3

THL-6814: Research Activity - Brief 4

THL-8001: Doctoral Seminar

THL-8003: Doctoral Exam I

THL-8004: Doctoral Exam II

THL-8005: Doctoral Forum

THL-8831: Research Activity - Thesis 1 

THL-8832: Research Activity - Thesis 2 

THL-8833: Research Activity - Thesis 3

THL-8834: Research Activity - Thesis 4

THL-8835: Research Activity - Thesis 5

THL-8836: Research Activity - Thesis 6

THL-8837: Research Activity - Thesis 7

THL-8838: Research Activity - Thesis 8

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