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Microprogram of initiation to theology (UL)


The Introduction to Theology Microprogram is intended for students who are at least 21 years old, who have completed Secondary V, who do not hold a DCS or its equivalent, but who are interested in gaining access to a vocational training program. first cycle in theology. It is designed to provide the methodological, argumentative, research and writing bases for university studies in theology. This Microprogram aims at the acquisition of notions, concepts and knowledge of the disciplinary fields specific to theology.


The initiation to theology Microprogram has a total of 12 credits, transferable to an undergraduate program.

Compulsory courses (9 credits)

THL-1000 : Introduction aux études théologiques

THL-1004 : L’univers de la Bible

THL-1514 : Argumentation et rédaction en théologie

Elective course (3 credits)
THL-1007 : Dieu Trinité

THL-2001 : Jésus le Christ

THL-2006 : L’Église

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