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Doctorate in theology (UL)


A Ph.D. in theology program is offered by the FTSR. We encourage evangelical students who wish to do a doctorate in theology to undertake it at the FTSR, offering them pedagogical advices and evangelical accompaniment. The student referred by ITIM will attend classes on the FTSR campus. He will carry out his research activities under the co-supervision of a professor from the FTSR and a professor from the ITIM, thus benefiting from a balanced framework.


The Doctorate in theology aims to train competent speakers capable of conducting high-level research in the academic, Curch, public or private sectors, and to produce original works that can contribute to the advancement of knowledge and/or transformation of a community or a workplace. The combination of methodical research and reflective work will enable the student to acquire a recognized competence on a particular question in a field of theology: biblical studies, systematic theology, practical theology.


The Ph.D. consists of 90 credits in total.

Compulsory courses (12 credits)

THL-8001 : Séminaire de doctorat

THL-8003 : Examen de doctorat I

THL-8004 : Examen de doctorat II

THL-8005 : Forum doctoral

Thesis Research Activities (78 credits)

THL-8831 : Activité de recherche – thèse 1 (7 crédits)

THL-8832 : Activité de recherche – thèse 2 (7 crédits)

THL-8833 : Activité de recherche – thèse 3 (10 crédits)

THL-8834 : Activité de recherche – thèse 4 (10 crédits)

THL-8835 : Activité de recherche – thèse 5 (10 crédits)

THL-8836 : Activité de recherche – thèse 6 (10 crédits)

THL-8837 : Activité de recherche – thèse 7 (12 crédits)

THL-8838 : Activité de recherche – thèse 8 (12 crédits)

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